Egy Safe has established a good position as a leading provider of environmental consultation offering a wide range of consultancy services and specialized support to the public sector, industrial, infrastructure & development and commercial organizations in Egypt and elsewhere Our well‐qualified team of specialists and consultants has extensive knowledge of regional industries and environmental baseline conditions and, most importantly, are readily available to meet with clients at short notice to facilitate the smooth running of projects. Our in‐depth and up to date understanding of environmental laws, regulations and standards enables our consultants to guide clients through the approval process and ensure timely completion.


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a key requirement of most project permitting regimes and involves a systematic assessment of the possible positive or negative impact that a proposed project may have on the environment. Petrosupport has a highly experienced team who has undertaken numerous EIAs across a wide range of sectors ranging from small industrial facilities to major oil & gas and infrastructure development projects.

Environmental Auditing

Environmental audits are undertaken to identify environmental compliance and management system implementation gaps. Petrosupport team has wide‐ranging experience of undertaking environmental audits of Industrial projects, operational sites / facilities and corporate systems.

Environmental Register

The Environmental Register is the document that an establishment must keep to record the impact of its activities on the environment. ER is a mandatory requirement by Law №.4 of the year 1994 amended by law 9/2009 till last amendment Law №.105/2015, for all industrial enterprise and projects. petrosupport is preparing environmental register according the concerned regulations for any type of activities.

Waste Management Plan (WMP)

WMP are all the activities and actions required to manage waste includes amongst other things collection, transport, treatment and

disposal of waste. petrosupport provides WMP preparation services for all types of waste generating from industrial activities aiming to reduce impacts on surrounding environment, public health and site amenity , it also encompasses compliance with the legal and regulatory

framework. WMP searching for possibilities of resource recovery by applying recycle or recover options on wastes stream. WPM also includes treatment options of solid, liquid or gaseous wastes and safe final disposal.

Qualification of Environmental Management System 14001

The purpose of applying the ISO 14001 standard is to help companies in any industry to protect the environment, prevent pollution and improve their environmental performance. Controlling the environmental impacts of businesses is the key to ensure that the business remains competitive and continues to hold the leading edge. petrosupport employs a team of qualified and certified ISO 14001 consultants who will help you understand the need of ISO 14001 certification for your organization along with guiding you step by step in obtaining and maintaining certification.

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