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Welcome to EGY SAFE, your trusted partner in providing comprehensive safety, health, and environmental protection services. We are a leading company dedicated to ensuring the well-being of individuals, businesses, and the environment through our expertise and commitment to excellence.

At EGY SAFE, we understand the paramount importance of maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, protecting employees from occupational hazards, and preserving the environment for future generations. With our extensive knowledge and experience in the field, we offer a wide range of specialized services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients across various industries.

Our team of highly skilled professionals is equipped with the latest industry insights and best practices to deliver effective solutions that comply with local regulations and international standards. We collaborate closely with our clients to assess risks, develop customized safety and health programs, and implement sustainable environmental practices.


Safety Policy , Vision and Mission

Safety Policy:

EGY SAFE is dedicated to ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of individuals, protecting the environment, and promoting a culture of safety excellence. Our safety policy reflects our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and health in all our operations.

1. Compliance: We are committed to complying with all applicable safety and health regulations, laws, and industry standards. We strive to exceed the minimum requirements to ensure the highest level of safety for our employees, clients, and the community.

2. Risk Prevention: We prioritize the identification, assessment, and mitigation of risks associated with our activities. Through comprehensive risk assessments, proactive hazard identification, and the implementation of effective controls, we aim to prevent accidents, injuries, and occupational illnesses.

3. Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to continually improving our safety performance. We encourage feedback, evaluate our safety processes, and implement corrective actions to enhance our safety management systems and ensure continuous learning and development.

4. Employee Engagement: We value the participation and engagement of our employees in creating a safe work environment. We foster a culture of safety awareness, encourage open communication, and provide training and resources to empower our employees to actively contribute to maintaining a safe workplace.

5. Environmental Stewardship: We recognize our responsibility to protect the environment and minimize our ecological footprint. We are committed to sustainable practices, pollution prevention, and the conservation of natural resources in all our operations.



Our vision is to be a leading provider of professional safety, health, and environmental protection services, known for our excellence, innovation, and dedication to creating safer workplaces and protecting the environment. We strive to be the trusted partner of choice for organizations seeking comprehensive safety solutions and sustainable practices.



Our mission is to partner with our clients, understanding their unique safety, health, and environmental challenges, and delivering tailored solutions that meet their needs. We are committed to providing expert advice, training, and support to help organizations achieve their safety objectives, protect their employees, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Through our services, we aim to foster a culture of safety, promote well-being, and contribute to a sustainable future.


By upholding our safety policy, embracing our vision, and fulfilling our mission, we aim to make a positive impact on the safety, health, and well-being of individuals, businesses, and the environment we serve.

Services Offered:

1. Occupational Safety and Health: We provide comprehensive assessments, training, and consulting services to identify and mitigate workplace hazards, ensuring the well-being of employees and compliance with occupational safety and health regulations.

2. Environmental Protection: Our environmental protection services focus on minimizing the impact of industrial activities on the environment. We offer environmental assessments, pollution prevention strategies, waste management solutions, and compliance monitoring to help organizations adopt environmentally responsible practices.

3. Industrial Hygiene: EGY SAFE specializes in evaluating and controlling workplace hazards that may affect the health and well-being of employees. Our industrial hygiene services include air quality assessments, noise monitoring, ergonomic evaluations, and exposure monitoring to ensure a healthy working environment.

4. Risk Assessment and Management: We conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential hazards and develop risk management strategies. Our experts work closely with clients to implement effective controls, emergency response plans, and safety protocols that minimize risks and enhance overall safety performance.

5. Training and Education: EGY SAFE offers a wide range of training programs and workshops designed to enhance safety awareness, promote best practices, and develop the skills and knowledge of employees and management teams. Our training sessions cover various topics, including safety regulations, emergency preparedness, hazard recognition, and more.


Choose EGY SAFE for Your Safety, Health, and Environmental Needs:


When it comes to safety, health, and environmental protection, EGY SAFE is your trusted partner. We are committed to delivering high-quality services, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer experiences. Our holistic approach, industry expertise, and dedication to excellence set us apart as a reliable provider of professional safety, health, and environmental protection services.


Contact us today to learn more about how EGY SAFE can help you create a safer, healthier, and more sustainable workplace while protecting the environment. Together, let’s build a safer future for everyone.

  • Our Values

    Unlimited commitment to safety quality and performance is the core target of our services. Leadership and accountability the line managers are fully supporting all safety issues and a needs and they are accountable for implementing the company HSE Policy.