Egy Safe is a Specialized Company , provide the safety needs especially oil and gas industry and other companies (since 2016)

About US

EGY SAFE  Company was formed in year 2016 to provide the safety needs especially oil and gas industry and others .

Core Values

  • Excellence : We embrace commitment, compliance and Innovation in striving for ever higher performance.
  • Customers:  We understand our customers and proactively meet their needs.
  • Integrity :  We act in an honest, fair and responsible manner.
  • Teamwork  : We value and respect each other, build relationships and work as a team.
  • Environment  : We care for the environment and are committed to its protection.
  • Safety:  We are committed to safety.

Our goal

EGY SAFE considers that its employees and customers are Its true wealth and that preserving their health and safety comes top priority

Our Business

Providing petroleum services and technical support for factories and companies

Consulting services

provides the consulting services to help your company to achieve your expectations


Supplying all occupational safety, health and environmental protection tasks, committed to quality, price and delivery date


Qualifying companies to obtain ISO quality certificates
What we offer

Let's add more safety to your business

Safety Equipment

Supply ,Inspection and Maintenance

Support Safety Equipment Services, Rental and Sales

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Why Choose Us

7 Years of Experience.

environmental consultation

Offering a wide range of consultancy services and specialized support

Expert Team Development

Continuous development and updating of the work team is our top priority

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